Skies Turn Black – EP Review

Skies Turn Black

Skies Turn Black self-titled EP release is a six-track collection of hard rock with metal leanings, especially in the drumming department.

  1. Smoke & Mirrors
  2. Life Goes On
  3. Cold
  4. Play The Game
  5. Choking On Air
  6. Departure

Expect to hear lots of guitar virtuoso playing, solid riffs and interestingly you can actually hear the bass, which goes well with the drums. The vocals you can actually hear what the song is about.

As far as the song material it ranges from deception, getting besotted and being given the runaround, delusionment, being put into your place, oppression and consuming way too much oxygen than you need!

Skies Turn Black EP is available through Apple Music


Seep Away -Seep Away – EP Review

Sleep Away - Sweep Away EP coverSeep Away have released their self titled debut EP.

Though their sound is loud and full of distorted heavy metalist guitars and bass they have a certain attitude reminiscent of take this or die!

The three tracks are different as Trudge hits the hardest meanest sound, you can imagine you’re stuck in a swamp with just a pair of oars and facing down the schnoz of an alligator, great! But it’s a case of lock-up your wives or if you’re rich enough your bitches, cos’ these dogs are in town.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right has probably the longest instrumental intro with the lyrics starting at 1:58, into this southern slouch of a track.

Last up is Watch You Burn that has more underground grunge guitar that melts a common theme among the heavy metal scene.

Seep Away capture their raw no-nonsense sound well on their recordings, and you get a sense that if, when, and how you see them live they’ve got that reciprocal energy that you get just playing their music at home.

Seep Away is available @ Bandcamp


Tor Marrock & Coco Star – A Christmas Night – Single Review

Matt Marrock & Coco Star Tor Marrock & Coco Star duet on A Christmas Night produces a great alternative to the usual Christmas songs.

This song has a counterbalance theme between two very different vocalists, to the spiritual sound that has been created around Tor Marrock & Coco Star.

Available @ iTunes

Milow The Girl – 32,000 Feet Above – Album Review

Milow The Girl 32,000 AlbumMilow The Girl has released 32,000 Feet Above album.

The main core of the album’s message is to persevere with things in one’s life, no matter what gets in your way.

Beautiful World is the first track that will get you rockin’-out, but the song looks at the turmoil in our most unfortunate world, but it shouldn’t be because we have many areas of paradise here on Earth.

We get into a lo-fi vibe with Contradiction, that begs for you to look at yourself, however seeking affection but seeing no reflection, kind of tells us that we can easily blend into the background to be unseen and irrelevant.

The songs that are pop-delicious are Funny Feeling, and singing about love but as a big Distraction, crazy Nights in Vegas, and seeking dreams in the electronic dance track Purple.

These crop of songs seem more poignant and trying to gain some navigation in one’s life is perfectly illustrated in Lost, and Sad & Wild. Though with Holiday is all about getting away from the confines of everyday stressful living. More strong themed songs keep continuing in Secrets, a soft ballad of strings, and piano.

Another rock tune Blinded, though the guitars are more heavy metal in this song about the environmental destruction we are inflicting on our planet.

This album doesn’t wind-down towards the end with a loose pop-rock song Generation, which concerns the aspects of more loving than living in hell in a relationship.

Ending-off 32,000 Feet Above is the synth-heavy metal ballad What If (Losing My Mind), which delves into the tortuous and cruel relationships that exists between lovers and partners.

There are two Remix versions, the first is Sad & Wild (Ecode), and the second being the UK Club Hit – Distraction (Allan & Loverush).

The album is available @ iTunes & on CD @ Amazon

Hellion Rising – Eight Of Swords – EP Release

HR ArtworkHellion Rising have released their debut EP Eight Of Swords.

The intro With Bricks of Bone and Blood as Mortar is a short atmospheric piece of music that silently creeps up towards your ears.

Wretch Nail Tongue and Bereavement of the Chimes have both great riffs being floated on the waves, and the latter song has driving bass and double kick drumming with some wild drum rolls.

The Beast, and lets show our horns Goat Charmer, are similar in the sound and will have you begging for more, as they are addictive tunes.

The last track Just For Tonight is more of a hard rock ballad, with some nice lead guitar work.

The strength of their songs, which deal with disillusionment within life, is the usage of grizzly crunchy distorted guitars sawing away, while the rhythm section keeps a steady but interesting beat. The lead guitar is using effects to create different sounds and short riffs that fits in well with the songs. The vocals are at times cutting through to give you the direction of meanings to the lyrics, and can be deemed now as classic metal thrash style of vocal delivery – with the only difference you understand the words!

Eight Of Swords is available @ Big Cartel