Fred Colombo – The Road EP – Review

Fred Colombo - The Road EPFred Colombo latest release is his The Road EP.

Looking over the notes to Fred Colombo you think you’re going to listen to some heavy metal music due to his previous work, but he has chose to do something completely different.

Far from being music you step-down into the mosh pit you step into a room full of disco light balls and laser lights with smoke breaking-up the different colours and making them soft to suit the electronic pop with ever so slight raw elements that come through.

The track listings:

1.] The Gate Forever

2.] Kill Me

3.] Within

4.] Out There

5.] The Road

6.] Nightfalls on the Kingdom of You and Me

The Road EP is a twister because it takes you on a journey with some pretty dark lyrics and themes of trying to make sense of hopeless situations and trying, or rather hoping to survive and live somewhat a better existence. The notion of not being able to kill yourself but is more comfortable in allowing someone else to do the dirty deeds is pretty heavy going. But on the flip-side the music is colourful, bright and easily consumable, which twists your mind into enjoying these songs.

The Road EP is available @ Deezer



Carlone ft. Maddy Carty -Just U & Me – Single Review

Carlone ft. Maddy CartyCarlone being the DJ and instrumentalist techno wizard has teamed-up with a very talented young lady superb vocalist Maddy Carty to release their debut collaboration single Just U & Me.

The single version is pumpin’ hot, with a kick drum beat that you cannot ignore, or will let you.

There is a club mix that brilliantly harks back to the days of proper house and club music.

Just U & Me is available @ Amazon MP3

IIZ – IIZ – Album Review

IIIZ back cover FINAL IIZ [pronounced ‘eyes’] self-titled debut album is rather experimental electronic dance music and punk-rock but is accessible to the masses.

The band members are young and what an album to debut their talent. Ison Van Winkle main vocalist has a distinctive vocals that seems and sounds very much from the punk scene of the ’70’s and through the early to mid-80’s. Mari is the second vocalist and her voice adds the mid to high notes that has some good attitude in her delivery. Jacob  plays the grooves on Bass and Ross adds the drums, which both of them change and sound different when the music changes from EDM to more punky and choppy vibes.

The songs are alternative and being that the band members are young they are touching on issues and themes beyond their youth, but this will be refreshing to the older listener.

Breaking the album up as the EDM songs are quite anthem let’s-cement-ourselves-to-music-history-now-sounds in the hip-hop beat of the first track Get Away ft. Sen Dog [Cypress Hill], next up is the 4 to the floor beat with head-nodding squeaks in Manic Pixie maybe some crazy thoughts, person or substance? The Light is the best EDM track that’ll goosebump you’all for sure unless you’re a cold-stone, the song is nicely sung by Mari which describes either a romantic meeting or a spiritual vision. If this what the song title says then going to sleep is probably hard-work as the sound of Epic Dreams MIX1 has a real punch!

There are songs that fuse the EDM and punk-alternative-indie-rock which is the let’s raise our hands up in Sugar, and this theme is twinned well in Cure.  

The more punky groovy songs are the congo and big beat getting back to a vintage theme sounding Retrospective. In the ranting of Color On The Run makes digs at parents or mothers in particular that are not happy with the choices of their offspring, or acceptance of them as people.  A more stronger rock sound occupies Want and all of the give me everything now culture that is captured in this song. Analyst a psychological ride probably too many psychologists at school?  Though in Man In The Background refers to blending in, or if in a strange place wanting to fit in. Probably the best punk-rock track is Strawdogs on the album. Finishing with I Never Knew MIX1 Voxup has all of the ingredients to end the party with a mixture of keyboards and alternative indie scores to leave you feeling buzz-up’ed!

IIZ is available @ Soundcloud [free for now]

Milow The Girl – 32,000 Feet Above – Album Review

Milow The Girl 32,000 AlbumMilow The Girl has released 32,000 Feet Above album.

The main core of the album’s message is to persevere with things in one’s life, no matter what gets in your way.

Beautiful World is the first track that will get you rockin’-out, but the song looks at the turmoil in our most unfortunate world, but it shouldn’t be because we have many areas of paradise here on Earth.

We get into a lo-fi vibe with Contradiction, that begs for you to look at yourself, however seeking affection but seeing no reflection, kind of tells us that we can easily blend into the background to be unseen and irrelevant.

The songs that are pop-delicious are Funny Feeling, and singing about love but as a big Distraction, crazy Nights in Vegas, and seeking dreams in the electronic dance track Purple.

These crop of songs seem more poignant and trying to gain some navigation in one’s life is perfectly illustrated in Lost, and Sad & Wild. Though with Holiday is all about getting away from the confines of everyday stressful living. More strong themed songs keep continuing in Secrets, a soft ballad of strings, and piano.

Another rock tune Blinded, though the guitars are more heavy metal in this song about the environmental destruction we are inflicting on our planet.

This album doesn’t wind-down towards the end with a loose pop-rock song Generation, which concerns the aspects of more loving than living in hell in a relationship.

Ending-off 32,000 Feet Above is the synth-heavy metal ballad What If (Losing My Mind), which delves into the tortuous and cruel relationships that exists between lovers and partners.

There are two Remix versions, the first is Sad & Wild (Ecode), and the second being the UK Club Hit – Distraction (Allan & Loverush).

The album is available @ iTunes & on CD @ Amazon