Leap Frog Town – Seven – Music Video

Leap Frog Town song Seven is not only poetically romantic but the music is modern vibrant Rock ‘n’ Rollin’!
Seven is available @ iTunes

Seep Away -Seep Away – EP Review

Sleep Away - Sweep Away EP coverSeep Away have released their self titled debut EP.

Though their sound is loud and full of distorted heavy metalist guitars and bass they have a certain attitude reminiscent of take this or die!

The three tracks are different as Trudge hits the hardest meanest sound, you can imagine you’re stuck in a swamp with just a pair of oars and facing down the schnoz of an alligator, great! But it’s a case of lock-up your wives or if you’re rich enough your bitches, cos’ these dogs are in town.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right has probably the longest instrumental intro with the lyrics starting at 1:58, into this southern slouch of a track.

Last up is Watch You Burn that has more underground grunge guitar that melts a common theme among the heavy metal scene.

Seep Away capture their raw no-nonsense sound well on their recordings, and you get a sense that if, when, and how you see them live they’ve got that reciprocal energy that you get just playing their music at home.

Seep Away is available @ Bandcamp


IIZ – IIZ – Album Review

IIIZ back cover FINAL IIZ [pronounced ‘eyes’] self-titled debut album is rather experimental electronic dance music and punk-rock but is accessible to the masses.

The band members are young and what an album to debut their talent. Ison Van Winkle main vocalist has a distinctive vocals that seems and sounds very much from the punk scene of the ’70’s and through the early to mid-80’s. Mari is the second vocalist and her voice adds the mid to high notes that has some good attitude in her delivery. Jacob  plays the grooves on Bass and Ross adds the drums, which both of them change and sound different when the music changes from EDM to more punky and choppy vibes.

The songs are alternative and being that the band members are young they are touching on issues and themes beyond their youth, but this will be refreshing to the older listener.

Breaking the album up as the EDM songs are quite anthem let’s-cement-ourselves-to-music-history-now-sounds in the hip-hop beat of the first track Get Away ft. Sen Dog [Cypress Hill], next up is the 4 to the floor beat with head-nodding squeaks in Manic Pixie maybe some crazy thoughts, person or substance? The Light is the best EDM track that’ll goosebump you’all for sure unless you’re a cold-stone, the song is nicely sung by Mari which describes either a romantic meeting or a spiritual vision. If this what the song title says then going to sleep is probably hard-work as the sound of Epic Dreams MIX1 has a real punch!

There are songs that fuse the EDM and punk-alternative-indie-rock which is the let’s raise our hands up in Sugar, and this theme is twinned well in Cure.  

The more punky groovy songs are the congo and big beat getting back to a vintage theme sounding Retrospective. In the ranting of Color On The Run makes digs at parents or mothers in particular that are not happy with the choices of their offspring, or acceptance of them as people.  A more stronger rock sound occupies Want and all of the give me everything now culture that is captured in this song. Analyst a psychological ride probably too many psychologists at school?  Though in Man In The Background refers to blending in, or if in a strange place wanting to fit in. Probably the best punk-rock track is Strawdogs on the album. Finishing with I Never Knew MIX1 Voxup has all of the ingredients to end the party with a mixture of keyboards and alternative indie scores to leave you feeling buzz-up’ed!

IIZ is available @ Soundcloud [free for now]

Empire of Gold – Raw – EP Review

Empire of Gold_Raw EPEmpire of Gold debut Raw EP is just what it says on the can.

This is the project of Michael Jack Dole who has made a very stripped down EP, and all of the songs feature loud parts with electric guitar and then switches to acoustic guitar very prominent in the alternative rock scene of the ’90’s, which seems to be making a coming-back recently.

As for the tracks you get themes of restlessness in What Are You Waiting For?, not having much friends left in Burning Bridges, and the self centring You (Shouted The Worst You Could do), though in Hot, Damn is quite a gothic rock track, and finally the acoustic song Help Me.

Raw EP is available @ Bandcamp

Caviare Days – Like Me – EP Review

Caviare Days_Like Me EP Caviare Days are an alternative psychedelic rock group from Sweden, have a new release – Like Me EP.

Originally formed in Brooklyn, America by sisters Lina and Maja Westin, that have not only relocated to their native Sweden but are currently a five piece band with Timmy Grim – drums, Boris Grubesic – guitar, and Marcus Arborelius – keyboards and synthesizer bass.

The songs are very ’60’s alternative psychedelic rock and ironically they’re all British influence have had the Abbey Road Studios treatment to get a raw echoey edge to the sound.

From the opening track Like Me, Great Minds – has some nice double vocals to get that stereo sound through the speakers, the epic revenge song Trigger, and the grungy Green, each have a good solid rhythm with parts of experimentation supplied by the guitars, and synthesizers to cut their unique sound above the rest.

Caviare Days are a group worth checking-out as they’ll sure produce some more musical surprises along their creative path.

Like Me EP is available @ Google Play

Littleshells – 5 Deep Under – Album Review

5-Deep_UnderLittle Shells have released an eight track album called 5 Deep Under.

Little Shells is the latest project fronted by vocalist/pianist Conchita Campos. She departs from her two earlier solo albums to a more soulful softer orchestra/pop feel on 5 Deep Under.

There is a heavy leaning to using an orchestra on the album, and in the opening track Another Night, it is used to etch a powerful and sudden burst in the choruses of this song.

Getting pretty urban in the next song Haik (God of the Sea), has a slow double kick drum beat accompanied by sampled piano, trumpet and later trombone that sounds as if they are playing on top of the roof in a ghostly town, but going by the title like a lost ship in the middle of the ocean.

Quite a spiritual song Feet On The Ground is set to another urban beat, but with a different tone added, that deals with the changes in our lives whether we like it or not because nothing stays the same.

5 Deep Under featuring Live Footage is best described as a modern classical influenced track, and has some nice easily accessible experimentation added on the layers of synthesizer and other electronic sounds incorporated into a song that is one feet higher than being buried.

Not departing in I’ll Remain, is a splendid folktronica/orchestral themed song. The following song breaks the album for a moment in Lola’s Song that has just piano with some atmospheric ambient sound effects set in the background as Conchita Campos sings this nice little tune.

When They’re Gone is full of sparks and energy with the full array of the orchestra, as the song touches on the erosion of freedoms that have been afforded us from much blood spilt.

Getting into a very mellow loose jazz song Goodnight, this song will at least make the farewell memorable.

5 Deep Under is available @ Bandcamp