Laura Comfort – Don’t Ignore Me – Album Release

Laura Comfort - Don't Ignore MeLaura Comfort has released Don’t Ignore Me which in her own words is very personal resulting from a long relationship breaking-up. Bearing this in mind throughout the album Laura Comfort wants to experience her new found freedom and this is evident in the  pop songs, Come Take A Ride, Cherry Lips and Take A Chance.

Majority of the tracks on Don’t Ignore Me are pop rock numbers, and they quickly get you jivin’ and leaving you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Songs that reflect her new found liberty, but tells the story of things that have left an imprint on her is the ballad, It Hurts.

Quite clearly Before It’s Too Late is a subject all of us will get to in our life, questioning ourselves and Laura’s further reflective moments consumes the words in this track.

Addicted and I’m Going Crazy are electronic delights, the latter perfect for the hot summer days and disco floors.

Though Angelina Jolie wasn’t written by Laura Comfort, the music kicks you into a bounce and the song deals with the fantasy of wanting to be someone else and to think Dame Angelina Jolie (high to five to Great Britain) as she is now-known, that her lifestyle is full of glitz and glamour. But just to mention Dame Angelina Jolie has not only succeeded in her acting profession but the relentless campaigning on issues far removed from the comfort zone of America.

Many people can relate to the disco fusion song Was It Me. The questioning of why the other person didn’t call-back, or want a relationship with you? The correct term would-be more commonly known as unrequited love.

If a woman gets confused with relationships then no wonder men get it wrong when it comes to the opposite sex, and Don’t Ignore Me has good rhyming words that can make you smile if the lyrics hit home to you.

The finishing track Goodbye leaves you thinking whether Laura Comfort will return with another album, or this is it? Hope not. But that wouldn’t be describing this haunting and delicate song about love lost and thinking about the past. The song can relate to broken friendships just as well as lovers falling out of love.


R.M Hendrix – Urban Turks, Country Jerks – Album Release

Empire of Gold – Raw – EP Review

Empire of Gold_Raw EPEmpire of Gold debut Raw EP is just what it says on the can.

This is the project of Michael Jack Dole who has made a very stripped down EP, and all of the songs feature loud parts with electric guitar and then switches to acoustic guitar very prominent in the alternative rock scene of the ’90’s, which seems to be making a coming-back recently.

As for the tracks you get themes of restlessness in What Are You Waiting For?, not having much friends left in Burning Bridges, and the self centring You (Shouted The Worst You Could do), though in Hot, Damn is quite a gothic rock track, and finally the acoustic song Help Me.

Raw EP is available @ Bandcamp

Littleshells – 5 Deep Under – Album Review

5-Deep_UnderLittle Shells have released an eight track album called 5 Deep Under.

Little Shells is the latest project fronted by vocalist/pianist Conchita Campos. She departs from her two earlier solo albums to a more soulful softer orchestra/pop feel on 5 Deep Under.

There is a heavy leaning to using an orchestra on the album, and in the opening track Another Night, it is used to etch a powerful and sudden burst in the choruses of this song.

Getting pretty urban in the next song Haik (God of the Sea), has a slow double kick drum beat accompanied by sampled piano, trumpet and later trombone that sounds as if they are playing on top of the roof in a ghostly town, but going by the title like a lost ship in the middle of the ocean.

Quite a spiritual song Feet On The Ground is set to another urban beat, but with a different tone added, that deals with the changes in our lives whether we like it or not because nothing stays the same.

5 Deep Under featuring Live Footage is best described as a modern classical influenced track, and has some nice easily accessible experimentation added on the layers of synthesizer and other electronic sounds incorporated into a song that is one feet higher than being buried.

Not departing in I’ll Remain, is a splendid folktronica/orchestral themed song. The following song breaks the album for a moment in Lola’s Song that has just piano with some atmospheric ambient sound effects set in the background as Conchita Campos sings this nice little tune.

When They’re Gone is full of sparks and energy with the full array of the orchestra, as the song touches on the erosion of freedoms that have been afforded us from much blood spilt.

Getting into a very mellow loose jazz song Goodnight, this song will at least make the farewell memorable.

5 Deep Under is available @ Bandcamp

Matt Backer – Get Back – Album Review

Matt BackerMatt Backer has released Get Backer, which is a great collection of southern blues, boogie woogie and rock ‘n’ roll.

As Matt Backer is from New Orleans, the American State of Louisiana, that is oozing with coolness and cultural history from that part of America, which is what it is famed with, does shape his music.

A good quality Matt Backer has and is demonstrated in the first two tracks – Histrionic Narcissist Blues (Let’s Talk About Me) and Take Me Back To Abu Dhabi, is a sense of humour.

This hip blues song Leaving Trunk (featuring Peter Cox), is sung with conviction and passion about venturing out into the big wide world, and one of the most important thing is singing and playing the blues!

This rolling track emulates what a Rock & Roll Headache (featuring Marcella Detroit) sounds like, however by the time this song finishes your headache will have gone.

Starting Gun is a great song for those that have had to succeed and find their own path in life, that ain’t easy and you get a sense that you’re not the only one that has travelled this path of disappointment and doubt.

Kind of think this song Too Big Too Fail, is obliviously a swipe of the indiscretions of financial manipulation? Though interestingly as the small guy loses his job, house, and everything else, however if you are too big too fail like a bank, you’ll most certainly get a nice pay cheque from the government! Let’s just keep this to ourselves?!

This place must be pretty sinful in the House Of Flying Daggers, that has a modern sounding electronic drum beat, and nice echoey harmonica plus an array of guitars, bass and even a mouth Jaw Harp thrown into this song’s loose southern blues, melting creative cauldron.

Talking isn’t required or too great effect, but making love is the central plot in this driving upbeat song, Don’t Talk.

For two and a half minutes you are pushed through Salt In My Wounds, and made to feel the angst and heartbreak in this more white soul rockin’ sounding track.

The percussions comprise of claps and spoons, with slide guitar in this colourful jet-lagged themed tune Hip Fatigue.

Finishing off with a blues and boogie woogie number I Don’t Worry About A Thing (featuring Bill Blue & Adam Gussow), is something we either learn or come across with age.

Get Backer is available @ iTunes or on CD @ Amazon