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Caviare Days – Like Me – EP Review

Caviare Days_Like Me EP Caviare Days are an alternative psychedelic rock group from Sweden, have a new release – Like Me EP.

Originally formed in Brooklyn, America by sisters Lina and Maja Westin, that have not only relocated to their native Sweden but are currently a five piece band with Timmy Grim – drums, Boris Grubesic – guitar, and Marcus Arborelius – keyboards and synthesizer bass.

The songs are very ’60’s alternative psychedelic rock and ironically they’re all British influence have had the Abbey Road Studios treatment to get a raw echoey edge to the sound.

From the opening track Like Me, Great Minds – has some nice double vocals to get that stereo sound through the speakers, the epic revenge song Trigger, and the grungy Green, each have a good solid rhythm with parts of experimentation supplied by the guitars, and synthesizers to cut their unique sound above the rest.

Caviare Days are a group worth checking-out as they’ll sure produce some more musical surprises along their creative path.

Like Me EP is available @ Google Play