Amanda Abizaid – Exclusive Interview

Amanda Abizaid – Exclusive Interview with Jack Dorrington Editor Clown MagazineImage

Your most recent release what was the creative process in the making of the album?

Our new album, “Like The Wolf” is our second work. As our first one, this is also a concept album and one where we feel that at last our music is as we wanted it to be. The music is entwined with the poetry of words: In your youth, as a child, your perception of things is of innocence – so, the first recollection of the idea of the wolf is almost as if he were a monster, leaving you but fear to breath at the very sight of him. As you grow older, your senses turn colder and if one is to remember this second moment when the eyes cross paths with the image of the wolf, you’ll clearly remember the expression “it is but a dog” – in this moment is when you realise that the throne of your certainty is without a doubt flawed. And it’s here that your roots as a person are born: out of a lie; an illusion. One of the strongest feelings we have with this album is that we were finally able to create our unique sound. Sure, we are not immune to what we have heard, nor to the wisdom of the elders that has also become part of us. How could we deny that Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Mississippi, John Hurt, Dostoyewsky or Pessoa have been with us all this time? It would be like saying that none of our smiles are inherited from our fathers. But there’s a certain silence to every man, and we guess that we’ve found ours; this time we feel that the songs and the arrangements are truly ours.

What’s been your journey from static to action?

First and foremost the journey we’re about to tell is a never-ending one. You must see it as a chapter where one journey begins to end, with the beginning of another one. If one says that god’s work is never over or done, so it is the same with music, with this band – with us. So there must be a long and hard journey between the creation of each album. It’s the way it is meant to be. Ours began with the creation of our first album, Letters From The Boatman. We were the typical rock band up until then, but we decided to stop. So we fled from the city to our newfound house that is in the countryside. We call it now our blue house or the den. We did so to be away from everything and everyone to find our own path and redefine the band. we ended up inviting 14 musicians to record with us for at that time we were confined to a single instrument each. That’s when we met up with Susanna, at the time only a guest in two tracks of the album. Only after that she joined the band, when we were preparing to present live such a grand album. We had to reinvent ourselves and take the songs with a new perspective. That’s when we began learning more and more instruments, so that we could not only really change the songs, but to prepare ourselves to be able to finish the recording of the new album (like the wolf) by ourselves. As we then said: to finish the painting alone. And so we did. Instead of the 14 guests we had for Letters From The Boatman, between the three of us we played the 20 instruments on Like The Wolf. We just had the North American singer ”Becky Lee Walters”, Miguel Lima and Gito from “The Soaked Lamb” playing drums and upright bass in two tracks and Carlos Ramos on a couple more, out of the admiration we have for their work.This is a journey that has changed us. Who knows what lies ahead? It’s like the song that goes “I’m always leaving or on the run, until I break this curse”

What keeps you going as a musician and the rest of your band members?

What keeps us going is music itself; the need to create, the desire to leave a mark. Summing up what we are in an album and then “infusing a spark of being” back into the songs night after night. In the end we could sum up this craving with the last songs of our two albums: “leave if you can” but we do have “a little story” to tell.

You talk of stories and finding paths, and adventures, where do you want to take your creativity, keeping within the grass roots or the mountainous heights of the music scene?

The night is endless. We dream of being, years from now, sitting on three chairs that still haven’t heard our stories, sharing them with eyes that know not our songs and let the sound spread through the cities to which our footsteps are strangers. We don’t want to travel light, but we do want to look back with a heart painted with the absence of regret.

You’ve said quite a lot, which is good to gain more fans of your music, is there anything else you would like to tell our faithful readers, that may or may not have heard of you, your outlook of your future plans?

This year has been kind to us. The first edition of “Like The Wolf” sold out in about 3 months and we were able to release an extended version of the album; we began touring through Europe for the first time with our “Like the Wolf European tour” that has been one of the most rewarding things we have a memory of, since the beginning of the band. The audience has been amazing; by the end of the year, we’ll have played roughly 150 concerts in about 12 countries and most of the gigs will have been outside of our country, so it’s been really great. Plus, we’re already trying out new songs live and towards the end of the year we’ll begin our reclusion to create the body of work of our forthcoming album. So we guess that things are really coming our way.


Aaron English – Exclusive Interview

Aaron EnglishExclusive Interview with Jack Dorrington, Editor, Clown Magazine

Your last release explain what the idea behind what you wanted to achieve with this album?

Well, these are hard times in most of the world right now. I’m reminded of the mid-Sixties, before the whole social revolution of the hippie counter-culture came along and shook up the status quo. Nowadays, if anything as naïvely idealistic as the hippie movement emerged it would just be laughed at: we’re much more realistic in this day and age. With that in mind, I wrote these new songs from an optimistic realist’s point of view: times are tough, but what can you do? What would a revolution look like in 2010? To me, it’s taking the small step of getting out of bed in the morning and working hard at something you believe in. I believe that we’re all good at heart and that, one way or another, we can all find some common ground in the truly global challenges our societies face nowadays.

What’s been the journey from the original concept of this album to actually getting it made and finished?

Well, my last U.S. national tour ended in a bus crash. My tour bus was totalled, and most of our equipment was destroyed. I cancelled the rest of the tour and sent the band home. The songs for the new album were written over the course of the next year. Fans of mine came to my aid to fund the recording of the new record. In the meantime, a lot of fans came forward with music-biz jobs to help me recoup all of the capital I lost on the cancelled tour: I ended up touring the American Midwest playing steel drums in a Caribbean band, I ended up teaching songwriting at a university. Now the album’s out and I’ve got a hit single here in the States; I feel like that qualifies all of the effort from that difficult year.

What keeps you going as a musician?

It’s always amazing to hear that the music matters to someone. So long as I keep getting that feedback, I’ll  keep making music.

Where do you want to be in the future, whether it’s on top of the world, or just plodding along?

I think everyone has a right to be making a living doing something that other people value.  Being a singer/songwriter seems to be my “thing”. If I’m making a living and there continues to be an audience for my music, I won’t complain.

So it’s your chance to convey to our faithful readers how you would describe yourself, your future plans and ideas, your musical and creative ideas you want to explore, in your own words please?

Touring America has been great, but I hope to get over to the UK and Europe and tour in order to find out whether the grass is, indeed, greener on the other side. The European and British festival scene, for example, sound like an absolutely blast. The US is a great music market, but it’s huge. Because of the country’s sheer size, it’s hard to take on unless you have a ton of marketing dollars behind you – and even then, it’s hard to be heard above the din.

Company Profile – Engineer Records

“We’ll get good music out there even if it kills us!”

If you haven’t heard of Engineer Records then please allow us to give you a rounded profile of a record label that was formed in 1999, and has grown both here in the United Kingdom, European continent, and across the pond in the Big Apple, America.                      

Key facts about Engineer Records:

  • Formed in 1999 in England, and are based in the South East.
  • The label releases emo, punk, and hardcore music.
  • The label is run by music fans of the music they release.
  • Recently an American branch has opened in New Jersey

Engineer Records releases is currently over four hundred mainly cd’s formats but release music on vinyl, and also digital downloads. The current crop on there roster is Kyoto Drive, The Startover, Road to Kansas, Call Off The Search, The World Concave, and Nikson, plus many, many more acts and bands.

Engineer Records have not only continued expansion on there own terms in different continents, but have secured a major development by there bands being played on music channel Lava TV, on satellite provider Sky.

So with bands having there videos played on satellite television, and also the exploits of the internet, it is helping Engineer Records remain independent, and giving people more than just what the popular music scene has to offer.

Going through there acts and bands you see musicians who have been in bands that have been bouncing around music scenes throughout Britain, Europe, and America.

Well if this record company sounds good, and the bands they have, check them out!

Exclusive Interview – The Attic Ends

The Attic EndsThe Attic Ends

Are you a bumblebee, or do you see yourselves as stargazers?

Half of us are are stargazers, and half of us are bumblebees, which keeps us balanced. You put a task in front of a bumblebee, they go from flower to flower getting it done. They can’t help it! That’s how they are programmed. But none of us are that short sighted. Stargazers live and breathe to make their dreams come true. When we are not flower hopping we are always looking-up.

Has the struggle to maintain and grow as individual and collective creative souls within the music scene any easier as time goes on?

It has definitely gotten easier. Once you are completely dedicated, which we all are, you can find your voice. As a group, we feel like we are just now finding our sound. We feed each others’ creative souls and foster each others growth by challenging each other and holding each other to task. We expect a lot from ourselves and having that support is what any creative soul needs to even be able to breathe in this crazy industry full of incredibly talented people and also so many charlatans. We need to trust each other to make sure we stay in the former category.

What project are you currently working on?

We are about to shoot our next video for the title track of our first cd Home, which was released on iTunes in December ‘10. We have been rehearsing, gigging, and supporting Home. We are really excited about writing songs for our next record. All kinds of ideas are flowing and sneaking themselves into the rehearsal studio. We are blessed to be in a position where we have discovered our sound and new riffs, beats, and melodies are just flowing naturally. For all of us,  that’s our favourite part of playing in a band and we are having a lot of fun with that right now.

The Attic Ends

How has this project been that you’re you are working on?

Adventurous, heart-wrenching, soul-searching, glorifying, triumphant, nauseating, confirming, validating, terrifying, exciting… It runs the gamut of human emotions, there are sometimes tears and a lot of high-fives!

Is your world opening-up to more exciting things?

Hells Yeah!

Are you leaving your nest, to fly around the world with your band and music?

Yes. That’s all we ever wanted to do. We love New York. We love Brooklyn. But we want to go to places like London, where so much great music that we all love has come from! We hear so many great things about the scene in Europe and we are definitely up for the adventure.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve done as individuals and as a band?

We wrote and released a cd onto iTunes in less than a year. That cd has been accepted by Pandora, and we are very proud of that. We are about to shoot our third video as well. We feel our biggest accomplishment has been that we have done so much ourselves, as an indie band.

Anything else you would like to say to our readership?

Music is one of the most important things in human life. Music is emotion, and we hope our music can touch some people out there. We look at it as a privilege to be able to contribute music to people’s lives, and we take it very seriously. We hope we can inspire people and help them get through experience they are going through. We have always turned to music, listening and eventually creating it as an outlet for emotion in times of pain and joy. Sharing it is what connects us all. That may sound a little cheesy but nothing is truer!

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