Laura Comfort – Interview

Laura Comfort


Clown Magazine:

It’s been a longtime Laura Comfort since your last interview with Clown Magazine, what have you been doing?

Laura Comfort:

Well, that’s a big question. I haven’t seen you in a few years, so where shall I start?

Response from Clown Magazine:

at the top, please…

Laura Comfort:

Supporting Steven Tyler in a festival in America.

Response from Clown Magazine:

Wow! The great vocalist Steven Tyler of Aerosmith! Rock On!

Laura Comfort:

…some big stages and that was after my Don’t Ignore Me album…

Response from Clown Magazine:


Laura Comfort:

…after that I was working on a new album called, Now I Know, released last year [2019].

Response from Clown Magazine:

please continue…


Laura Comfort – Interview with Clown Magazine

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Laura Comfort – Exclusive Interview

Laura Comfort:

That did very well. I toured with Cafe Nero all over the country, zig-zagging from Leeds to Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester…

Response from Clown Magazine:

...seeing the sights of England!

Laura Comfort:

…and then I ended up [with] the Club Mix with the title track Now I Know [which] was Number 10 in the Club Charts…

Response from Clown Magazine:

…getting cool, with the Clubsters!

Laura Comfort:

…and the previous year I was Number 16 in the Club Charts and the year before that Number 18 in the Club Charts.

Response from Clown Magazine:

…improving as you go along!

Laura Comfort:

Those were the biggest moments over the last few years.

Clown Magazine:

Elaborate further on current projects?

Laura Comfort:

I’m sure we’ll have some more exciting support slots. Maybe some festivals in the summer.

Response from Clown Magazine:

car crash moment…

CORONAVIRUS has hit the world!

Laura Comfort:

Maybe I’ll do a Christmas single…

Response from Clown Magazine:

Hopefully the coronavirus pandemic may have eased for Christmas?

Laura Comfort:

…maybe a kids album too, actually.

Response from Clown Magazine:

Have you got a big [personal[ announcement?

Laura Comfort:

I just had twins in November last year!

Response from Clown Magazine:


Laura Comfort:

So while I was touring I was pregnant, it was a great distraction. The pregnancy was fine and now I have two beautiful babies.

So, I have been busy these last few months.

So who knows, I can get inspired and write some childrens songs as well.

Response from Clown Magazine:

Yeah! Your children can do the backing vocals.

Clown Magazine:

Is there anything creatively you want to do or achieve?

Laura Comfort:

For me it’s all about furthering my creative dreams and the spontaneity and not really knowing what the future holds.

But we all love to work with amazing producers and artists and stages and if you connect with the audience, whether on a big stage or a small stage, it’s a wonderful thing…

Response from Clown Magazine:

need to whip-up the crowd,

is always cool!

Laura Comfort:

…and to me songwriting is a therapeutic process and its a bit autobiographical, so its a nice way of putting your experiences and emotions to express then through songs.

Response from Clown Magazine:

poetry to our ears!

Clown Magazine:

Would you spend all of your life in a city in the desert, or would you trek into the unknown?

Laura Comfort:

I love to travel the world. I don’t necessarily like to stay in one place. I love London. London is my home and the perfect hub.

I love to explore the world and different cultures. It is inspiring for lyrics and for me having that spontaneity and to be able to explore the world is probably what I would choose above staying in one city for the rest of my life.

Response from Clown Magazine:

…taking a risk, we like it!

Clown Magazine:

The last word is yours…

Laura Comfort:

I guess what most artists say is to be true to yourself and follow your dreams.

Just have patience, have conviction, have passion and perseverance and stick with it and don’t listen to what other people say, but follow your heart and see where it leads you.

Response from Clown Magazine:

The best way to achieve things in life!

Clown Magazine:

er… have you forgotten something?

Laura Comfort:

Promote the album. I kinda forgot that! [Laughs]

[All of us laughing!]

Response from Clown Magazine:

please carry on…

Laura Comfort:

Promoting my new album, Now I Know and is out on Amazon and iTunes, is an acoustic-pop album with emotive love songs and it was great fun writing it and singing it and we had a great tour last year to promote it.

Response from Clown Magazine:

don’t let us stop you…

Laura Comfort:

We had an EP out last year of several mixes from Bimbo Jones and they are amazing and they are a sort of dance duo and they’ve worked with Britany Spears and tons of other amazing acts.

They worked there magic and I was Number 10 in the UK Club Charts last year [in 2019], so that was very exciting.

So, I will be promoting my club mixes, so stay tuned and see you on stage.

Response from Clown Magazine:

…stop teasing us, anything else?

Laura Comfort:

So yes, if you want to find me on iTunes or Amazon, or YouTube. Got a video out now for Now I Know and the club mix is Number 10 in the Club Charts, so its been an exciting year and there’s more to come!

Thank you to Laura Comfort

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Sylvia G – S.O.S – Album Review

Sylvia G is venturing-off on her own with this debut release – S.O.S album under her new [artist] name.

The music is radio friendly mostly pop-rock, with tinges of post-industrial, post-punk and electro-dance – with highs, lows and rolling parts that grip the listener to create the different moods and tempos in each song.

The lyrics are a summary of Sylvia’s life from the opening track – Walking To Santiago, which must have been a challenge in itself.

Being an environmentalist is the basis of S.O.S, which refers the Earth as Mother and the economic system and financial institutions as evil or The Devil – polluting the world for money and greed.

The trick in songs is to write about love, intimacy or relationships in different ways and Let’s Be Lovers is an honest look at just having one night of passion, rather than entering a committed relationship, which doesn’t work for at least one party.

Though in complete contrast I Heard You Say has the lines, “Every word you say” “Every promise you made”“Celebrates your mess” – while in the chorus the opening lines. “I heard you say, I was your love”“The only one forever love.”

Sylvia G – Interview

Milow The Girl – High Speed Trouble – Single Review

Milow The Girl – 32,000 Feet Above – Album Review

Milow The Girl – Video Interview

Women seeking Bad Boys is the basis of Electrified, with the theme being rather cleverly written as the Bad Boy bringing trouble-back within the home.

Being independent and self-sufficient best describes I Walk Alone; though the next song Not This Girl is ambigous and will be interpreted by the life-experiences and viewpoints of the listener.

Crazy Life and Monday’s are electro-dance tracks – with the first track themed in secrets and hiding things, while living life to the max – and the latter wanting the week to revolve around Friday’s and the Weekend just for partying!

The last song Beautiful World is another focus on the environmental agenda, that follows on from the earlier song S.O.S.

What this album does after listening to all of the songs is it points-out that life and viewpoints can be a massive contradiction, often causing much psychological distress when people want to live a certain way; but then if you put ambition and drive into your life, you have to allow certain things not to be perfect or drop them entirely.

S.O.S is available @ Apple Music & Amazon

Barbara Manning – Chico Daze – Album Review

Barbara Manning - Chico Daze

Barbara Manning is a legend, and is often referred to as the Godmother of the good old fashion DIY scene.

Though Barbara Manning doesn’t live a Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle these days, she was around in the late 1980s, which was a defining moment for punk, rock and the mixture of the two created Grunge!

Barbara Manning latest album Chico Daze is a solo effort of a collection of songs recorded between 2004 – 2009; as she had a backing band on past recordings called The Go Lucky’s.

What to expect from Chico Daze is a combination of grunge-rock-punk of different volume levels, and a sweetness to her voice that doesn’t scream or try to do anything other than convey the message of her songs.

The highlights of Chico Daze is the punk-rock driven two minute and a few seconds song I’m Running, though there are longer driven-rock tracks Island and Sweet Oblivion. Moments of Americana are displayed in How Did You Know and Better by Sounds. Getting slightly experimental on Ladies of the Sea and Wishes Don’t Tie You Down featuring great guitar wah-wah licks, and the cheeky Slot Machine song that describes making-out!

  1. Don’t Hold Back
  2. Reverse Disguise
  3. I’m Running
  4. How Did You Know
  5. Ladies of the Sea
  6. Better by Sounds
  7. Why, Why Won’t You Love Me Back?
  8. Slot Machine
  9. Island
  10. Sweet Oblivion
  11. Tape You To A Star
  12. Wishes Don’t Tie You Down

Chico Daze is available through Bandcamp.


Lewis Clark & The Essentials – Vinyl Love – Album Review

Lewis Clark & The Essentials - Vinyl Love

Lewis Clark and the Essentials album Vinyl Love is one which focusses on journey’s of the past, which most of the lyrics are based on.

The style is mostly a sort of rockin’ jazz – body poppin’ groove, with that free-flowing-travelling feel mixed in. The sense that roots are not going to be laid-down until the purpose of the quest has been achieved.

Though meeting new people in new surroundings, especially if they’re far away, there has to be a time when these friendships have to break due to the sheer logistics of keeping in touch; which you hear in the emotional way Lewis Clark delivers his songs.

 1. I Know It’s Over Now

2. Lew’s Blues

3. Goodbye

4. An Irregular Song

5. Kathy

6. Jack O’Kennedy

7. I Feel You

8. Let Me In

9. Bad Timing

Lewis Clark has returned to his home city of Bristol to conquer as he did so well abroad in the exotic surroundings in India and Thailand; both countries have a growing music scene, which are now a global success.

Vinyl Love is available at Apple Music

Laura Comfort – Little Wing – Single Review

Laura Comfort - Little Wing

Laura Comfort’s latest release is the single – Little Wing.

When you cover songs especially one by iconic musician Jimi Hendrix you have to either get it spot on or make it your own.

This version Laura Comfort has recorded with the talented international rock guitarist Matt Backer has achieved both in their quest of perfection of Hendrix’s song Little Wing, containing references of American Indian spiritual themes.

Little Wing is available at iTunes.

Roslyn Moore – Hazy – Album Review

Roslyn Moore - Hazy

Roslyn Moore is a singer with a laid-back approach to her songs in her debut album Hazy.

The music that gets you bouncy is the single The Burbs, which is about love by using alternatives to paint you the picture you start to imagine in your mind, while listening to this starting song on the album.

Is this a statement Pretty Girls and Gin? Could it be this easy? Better not let the male-race know this cheap trick!

Seems like a lot of smoke was produced to write this song Hazy, with a touch of spacious music to project the mood.

A clever plot in the album is Lost Girl, because afterwards you then get the sense of a troubled young woman hereinafter.

The album overall is described as a desert opera and when you listen to Motel 6 apart from the references of ‘getting high’ you feel you are away and apart from inner-city civilisation.

When Roslyn Moore sings Red Roses you get the message of a woman wanting her man of choice to treat her badass, though the music traps you into a sense of tranquility and you get slightly confused of thinking this young woman enjoys pain and blood that is the reference of ‘liking red roses!’

This trampled sounding track Drama Queen turns Red Roses on its head as the woman in the lyrics feels let-down by this badass boyfriend at being labelled a ‘drama queen’, which isn’t uncommon for men as it’s a last ditched frustration button.

This leads to the next few songs of ending it all in the torturous sung Suicide Note and the result of such a self-inflicted action in The End.

Does this mean this track Malibu is heaven? Maybe your choice if you wish.

The last song is Shampoo and this could indicate the washing away of all of the dirt, blood and bodily fluid of destruction sung about in these songs on this album.

Hazy is available at iTunes.

Scarlett Taylor – Churches – Album Review

Scarlett Taylor - Churches

Scarlett Taylor has released Churches her second album, though it is freely available free through Soundcloud, which really ought to be released on iTunes as it is a good piece of artistic material.

What Scarlett Taylor does is mix her music and the image perfectly, like a nice pair of tailored warm gloves.

The first part of the album is focussed on the ‘person’ that doesn’t hold back with Fucked-up, then if you’re feeling strange then Crazy will hit a nerve. Then the last song that goes together is Imprisoned, which has had a remixed makeover.

You’ve then got Vacancy that sounds like you’re in the middle of nowhere and wish it would be a place of sanctuary? The next song Off puts you in a guessing frame of mind as to whether Vacancy was a scary place, or it could-be where the ‘person’ hung themselves?

Relating to the closest concept of the depth of pain is best conveyed in Confessional and after this song the album changes direction into ‘other people’ and different situations.

You would think Ignite would be a blistering high level track, it is actually the softest song on the album.

The closest we are going to get on Churches of ‘I’m so wrapped-up into you,’ are Velvet and the next song Without You.

Christmas Eve and Shampoo probably mean something different, but with the sadness displayed in the lyrics and the sound of music, it would be thankful if anyone survived until the festive period! Still while you’re celebrating you can give it some sweet smell of cleanliness of your sins.

Getting back to more of the theme of Churches the last song Cutting can be quite shocking if you think you see the redness of blood flash before your eyes.

Churches can be fairly morbid but is enjoyable to listen to and there is plenty of people who will not only get this album, but can relate the themes within the lyrics.

Churches is available at Soundcloud.