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Interview with Perfect Blue Sky

Perfect Blue Sky [One]

Perfect Blue Sky is a duo supergroup formed by Australian musician Jane Kitto and Swedish metalist Pna Andersson.

The Interview

1.) What do you stand for?…

We are all about the art and serving music.

…and how does this translate within your group, Perfect Blue Sky?

We record life observations and translate our thoughts and questions with music.

2.) What is your most recent work?

Our latest album “The Eye of Tilos”

…tell us more?

The Eye of Tilos was written on the island of Tilos, Greece.

…the land of the ancient world, what ideas have you put into The Eye of Tilos”?

We see our music as a timeless canvas on which we paint our everyday ideas, love, questions and answers. 

3.) What is the most interesting form of transport, you’ve used when out-on-the-road?

     We’ve done everything, apart from using dog-sledge and rocketships. 

Perfect Blue Sky

4.) What is the most adventurous place you’ve played?

Svalbard – [quick infobomb Svalbard is part of the Kingdom of Norway, which is in the Arctic Ocean, that is nearer to the Northpole region.]

                        …any more details?

                                                                        It was their [Svalbard] summertime, so the sun never went down, and the Svalbard’s put their rifles in the umbrella stands outside the local supermarket, that they use to ward-off hungry Polar Bears!  

5.) Does having that Big-One-Hit interest you?

We have never met a band or artist so far who wanted to be a One-Hit-Wonder. 

                                   …please elaborate,

If you are in love with your music it’s a lifelong relationship no matter how many sales you achieve or what position your music charts.  

6.) If you were imprisoned would you like to do 6 months solitary confinement, or 6 years in a Gulag?

Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 17 years, but he was never a prisoner in his mind…


We see people everyday who are imprisoned on their way to work, stuck in their lives, afraid to follow their dreams…

                                …we see your passion for this tough question, we’ve asked,

                     Being a prisoner is a state of mind! 

                    6 months of mediation sounds like the way to go! 

                               …WOW! Powerfully said!

7.) Okay, so give us something you like to say to our readership?

  • Never stop dreaming
  • Never stop searching for true love
  • Never turn down a good cup of coffee

life is in the details. 

Thank you – Jane Kitto and Pna Andersson for your time in this interview with us here at Clown Magazine.

Perfect Blue Sky album The Eye of Tilos is available at Apple Music 

Though they release their music on CD and Vinyl as well, so visit Perfect Blue Sky for more options.



Barbara Manning – Chico Daze – Album Review

Barbara Manning - Chico Daze

Barbara Manning is a legend, and is often referred to as the Godmother of the good old fashion DIY scene.

Though Barbara Manning doesn’t live a Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle these days, she was around in the late 1980s, which was a defining moment for punk, rock and the mixture of the two created Grunge!

Barbara Manning latest album Chico Daze is a solo effort of a collection of songs recorded between 2004 – 2009; as she had a backing band on past recordings called The Go Lucky’s.

What to expect from Chico Daze is a combination of grunge-rock-punk of different volume levels, and a sweetness to her voice that doesn’t scream or try to do anything other than convey the message of her songs.

The highlights of Chico Daze is the punk-rock driven two minute and a few seconds song I’m Running, though there are longer driven-rock tracks Island and Sweet Oblivion. Moments of Americana are displayed in How Did You Know and Better by Sounds. Getting slightly experimental on Ladies of the Sea and Wishes Don’t Tie You Down featuring great guitar wah-wah licks, and the cheeky Slot Machine song that describes making-out!

  1. Don’t Hold Back
  2. Reverse Disguise
  3. I’m Running
  4. How Did You Know
  5. Ladies of the Sea
  6. Better by Sounds
  7. Why, Why Won’t You Love Me Back?
  8. Slot Machine
  9. Island
  10. Sweet Oblivion
  11. Tape You To A Star
  12. Wishes Don’t Tie You Down

Chico Daze is available through Bandcamp.


Lewis Clark & The Essentials – Vinyl Love – Album Review

Lewis Clark & The Essentials - Vinyl Love

Lewis Clark and the Essentials album Vinyl Love is one which focusses on journey’s of the past, which most of the lyrics are based on.

The style is mostly a sort of rockin’ jazz – body poppin’ groove, with that free-flowing-travelling feel mixed in. The sense that roots are not going to be laid-down until the purpose of the quest has been achieved.

Though meeting new people in new surroundings, especially if they’re far away, there has to be a time when these friendships have to break due to the sheer logistics of keeping in touch; which you hear in the emotional way Lewis Clark delivers his songs.

 1. I Know It’s Over Now

2. Lew’s Blues

3. Goodbye

4. An Irregular Song

5. Kathy

6. Jack O’Kennedy

7. I Feel You

8. Let Me In

9. Bad Timing

Lewis Clark has returned to his home city of Bristol to conquer as he did so well abroad in the exotic surroundings in India and Thailand; both countries have a growing music scene, which are now a global success.

Vinyl Love is available at Apple Music

Skies Turn Black – EP Review

Skies Turn Black

Skies Turn Black self-titled EP release is a six-track collection of hard rock with metal leanings, especially in the drumming department.

  1. Smoke & Mirrors
  2. Life Goes On
  3. Cold
  4. Play The Game
  5. Choking On Air
  6. Departure

Expect to hear lots of guitar virtuoso playing, solid riffs and interestingly you can actually hear the bass, which goes well with the drums. The vocals you can actually hear what the song is about.

As far as the song material it ranges from deception, getting besotted and being given the runaround, delusionment, being put into your place, oppression and consuming way too much oxygen than you need!

Skies Turn Black EP is available through Apple Music

Laura Comfort – Little Wing – Single Review


Laura Comfort - Little Wing

Laura Comfort’s latest release is the single – Little Wing.

When you cover songs especially one by iconic musician Jimi Hendrix you have to either get it spot on or make it your own.

This version Laura Comfort has recorded with the talented international rock guitarist Matt Backer has achieved both in their quest of perfection of Hendrix’s song Little Wing, containing references of American Indian spiritual themes.

Little Wing is available at iTunes.

Roslyn Moore – Hazy – Album Review

Roslyn Moore - Hazy

Roslyn Moore is a singer with a laid-back approach to her songs in her debut album Hazy.

The music that gets you bouncy is the single The Burbs, which is about love by using alternatives to paint you the picture you start to imagine in your mind, while listening to this starting song on the album.

Is this a statement Pretty Girls and Gin? Could it be this easy? Better not let the male-race know this cheap trick!

Seems like a lot of smoke was produced to write this song Hazy, with a touch of spacious music to project the mood.

A clever plot in the album is Lost Girl, because afterwards you then get the sense of a troubled young woman hereinafter.

The album overall is described as a desert opera and when you listen to Motel 6 apart from the references of ‘getting high’ you feel you are away and apart from inner-city civilisation.

When Roslyn Moore sings Red Roses you get the message of a woman wanting her man of choice to treat her badass, though the music traps you into a sense of tranquility and you get slightly confused of thinking this young woman enjoys pain and blood that is the reference of ‘liking red roses!’

This trampled sounding track Drama Queen turns Red Roses on its head as the woman in the lyrics feels let-down by this badass boyfriend at being labelled a ‘drama queen’, which isn’t uncommon for men as it’s a last ditched frustration button.

This leads to the next few songs of ending it all in the torturous sung Suicide Note and the result of such a self-inflicted action in The End.

Does this mean this track Malibu is heaven? Maybe your choice if you wish.

The last song is Shampoo and this could indicate the washing away of all of the dirt, blood and bodily fluid of destruction sung about in these songs on this album.

Hazy is available at iTunes.