Sylvia G – Interview

Sylvia G

Clown Magazine:

You’ve changed your artist name from Milow the Girl to Sylvia G, why is that?

Sylvia G:

It did not translate into who I was anymore. I think I grew out of that name. Musically and personally.

The transition happened when I left the label I was signed to in the United States.

There was no more connection to my present nor my future.

So I decided to turn the page, change to Sylvia G and follow a different road.

Response from Clown Magazine:

That makes sense to do, but you’ll have to start to promote your new artist name and build a new presence.

Clown Magazine:

Are you changing your style of music?

Sylvia G:

I felt I had to improve and challenge myself.

Explore my potential in another musicial direction that translates who I am today.

I was not growing musically and professionally.

When you perform and create music it reflects what goes on on your life, I was unhappy professionally and it showed in my music.

Response from Clown Magazine:

So, hopefully more ‘happy’ songs from you in future releases.

Clown Magazine:

What project are you working on, now?

Sylvia G:

I am writing a novel for Young Adults.

Response from Clown Magazine:

Well, from music to novels, at least you’re doing something creative.

Clown Magazine:

Have you got a new release?

Sylvia G:

Yes, my new album SOS, that was released on the 22nd March 2019.

Response from Clown Magazine:

Great! Now you can promote the ‘new’ songs and new ‘artist’ name for your audience.

Clown Magazine:

What do you have planned?

Sylvia G:

Raising awareness of environmental issues and fighting against animal cruelty.

It must become part of daily life and the way we live.

There is no more time left.

Response from Clown Magazine:

These are noble causes, you’re engaged with.

Clown Magazine:

You are on a yacht and the mask breaks, would you continue for 800km through stormy weather or would you turn back and return to port, which is 200km, but is in shark infested waters?

Sylvia G:

Sharks generally do not attack humans.

I would be more afraid if the sea was infested with people!

Response from Clown Magazine:

We think you could-be the shark whisperer!

So, no fear in those shark infested waters!

Clown Magazine:

Anything else you want to talk about, say or announce to the world?

Sylvia G:

Our planet is beautiful and majestic, but we are killing it.

We have replaced our oceans with plastic.

More than 9 million tons of plastic end-up every year in our oceans. This number is expected to double in the coming years!

We are burning our forests – rainforests, which are the ‘green’ lungs of our planet and destroying what is left of wildlife.

What will it take for you to change?

What will happen when there is nothing left on our planet.

The only way to stop this, is to change our behaviour towards our planet and to change it now.

Not only for us, but for future generations.

Everything in this world is connected.

Every action you take has an impact on another life in your community, in your village, your city or on the otherside of the world.

We should all be inspired by Greta Thunberg, this young 16 year old climate activist;

“Politicians are not mature enough to tell it as it is, we cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis… politicians have run-out of excuses while we run-out of time…”

“Our house is burning!”

Response from Clown Magazine:

You seem very dedicated to the environmental movement, causes and issues.

Clown Magazine:

We would like to thank Sylvia G for this interview and wish you well – in your creative and activism endeavours.


Hell and High Water – Film Review

Poster Photograph

You will burst into laughter within the first thirty seconds of watching Hell and High Water, which is supposed to be a drama rather than a comedy.

To really get to the point of Hell and High Water, this line sums it up – delivered by a Texas farmer sitting in the town’s diner amongst his fellow farmers.

Long enough to watch the banks robbing-me for over thirty years

The Texas attitude and dry heat is finely depicted, together with the Texas drolling accent.

Hell and High Water Trailer

Hell and High Water is a good old fashion bank robbery film, which has the payback attitude that actually stems-back to The Great Depression era of the 1920s and 30s Amercia; when many people including the weathly lost everything and suffered miserably, which is what banks have been doing ever since – being protected by the government to steal from the masses!

The bank robbers are two brothers Tanner (Ben Foster), who is the eldest and has just got out of prison and Toby Howard (Chris Pine), who has been struggling in the dusty fields they call home.

Everything that is on the otherside of the tracks comes to an end, and justice becomes only an inch away, with lead Texas Ranger investigator Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges), who takes his job seriously, but at the pace of an exhausted rattlesnake.

The end of the film is rather poignant and without spoiling it, you just have to watch Hell and High Water.

You will not be disappointed with Hell and High Water, as it has been well-crafted and perfectly delivered by all that star in this film.

Summer Effect – Afterlife – Album Review

Summer Effect

Summer Effect have released a new album – Afterlife.

The background to Summer Effect is that they are an Indonesian group, which for this album wanted to take things to smoother vibrations.

However, when you think things are nicely quiet you get awoken to blistering raised sounds, which extracted the depths of the energic fire within our souls.

The tracks on Afterlife are instrumental so when you listen to each instrumental composition, you just have to let go and start to build a visual picture of what Summer Effect are conveying to you – the listener.

The overall assumption combining each of the track titles together is how a person is perceived by others in life, and how they try-to-fit – into the world and people around them.

One of the best rules is just to be you, regardless of what others think of you!

So, Afterlife being the last track, sounds like a new beginning after all of the commotion that builds-up in a lifetime.

  1. Quiet Company
  2. Envoy
  3. Until The Sun Goes Down
  4. Beating Heart
  5. Clouded Minds
  6. Fickle Love
  7. Everything Seems Different
  8. There’s Nothing Wrong With Who You Are
  9. Don’t Let Me Disappear
  10. Afterlife

Afterlife is available through iTunes

Clown Magazine Readers

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We are now in a position to start to put content onto our WordPress Blog page.

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Clown Magazine

Interview with Perfect Blue Sky

Perfect Blue Sky [One]

Perfect Blue Sky is a duo supergroup formed by Australian musician Jane Kitto and Swedish metalist Pna Andersson.

The Interview

1.) What do you stand for?…

We are all about the art and serving music.

…and how does this translate within your group, Perfect Blue Sky?

We record life observations and translate our thoughts and questions with music.

2.) What is your most recent work?

Our latest album “The Eye of Tilos”

…tell us more?

The Eye of Tilos was written on the island of Tilos, Greece.

…the land of the ancient world, what ideas have you put into The Eye of Tilos”?

We see our music as a timeless canvas on which we paint our everyday ideas, love, questions and answers. 

3.) What is the most interesting form of transport, you’ve used when out-on-the-road?

     We’ve done everything, apart from using dog-sledge and rocketships. 

Perfect Blue Sky

4.) What is the most adventurous place you’ve played?

Svalbard – [quick infobomb Svalbard is part of the Kingdom of Norway, which is in the Arctic Ocean, that is nearer to the Northpole region.]

                        …any more details?

                                                                        It was their [Svalbard] summertime, so the sun never went down, and the Svalbard’s put their rifles in the umbrella stands outside the local supermarket, that they use to ward-off hungry Polar Bears!  

5.) Does having that Big-One-Hit interest you?

We have never met a band or artist so far who wanted to be a One-Hit-Wonder. 

                                   …please elaborate,

If you are in love with your music it’s a lifelong relationship no matter how many sales you achieve or what position your music charts.  

6.) If you were imprisoned would you like to do 6 months solitary confinement, or 6 years in a Gulag?

Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 17 years, but he was never a prisoner in his mind…


We see people everyday who are imprisoned on their way to work, stuck in their lives, afraid to follow their dreams…

                                …we see your passion for this tough question, we’ve asked,

                     Being a prisoner is a state of mind! 

                    6 months of mediation sounds like the way to go! 

                               …WOW! Powerfully said!

7.) Okay, so give us something you like to say to our readership?

  • Never stop dreaming
  • Never stop searching for true love
  • Never turn down a good cup of coffee

life is in the details. 

Thank you – Jane Kitto and Pna Andersson for your time in this interview with us here at Clown Magazine.

Perfect Blue Sky album The Eye of Tilos is available at Apple Music 

Though they release their music on CD and Vinyl as well, so visit Perfect Blue Sky for more options.



Barbara Manning – Chico Daze – Album Review

Barbara Manning - Chico Daze

Barbara Manning is a legend, and is often referred to as the Godmother of the good old fashion DIY scene.

Though Barbara Manning doesn’t live a Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle these days, she was around in the late 1980s, which was a defining moment for punk, rock and the mixture of the two created Grunge!

Barbara Manning latest album Chico Daze is a solo effort of a collection of songs recorded between 2004 – 2009; as she had a backing band on past recordings called The Go Lucky’s.

What to expect from Chico Daze is a combination of grunge-rock-punk of different volume levels, and a sweetness to her voice that doesn’t scream or try to do anything other than convey the message of her songs.

The highlights of Chico Daze is the punk-rock driven two minute and a few seconds song I’m Running, though there are longer driven-rock tracks Island and Sweet Oblivion. Moments of Americana are displayed in How Did You Know and Better by Sounds. Getting slightly experimental on Ladies of the Sea and Wishes Don’t Tie You Down featuring great guitar wah-wah licks, and the cheeky Slot Machine song that describes making-out!

  1. Don’t Hold Back
  2. Reverse Disguise
  3. I’m Running
  4. How Did You Know
  5. Ladies of the Sea
  6. Better by Sounds
  7. Why, Why Won’t You Love Me Back?
  8. Slot Machine
  9. Island
  10. Sweet Oblivion
  11. Tape You To A Star
  12. Wishes Don’t Tie You Down

Chico Daze is available through Bandcamp.