Iain Hearfield – Red

Oleg Prodeus – 13

Nemesis – The Nemesis Project

Thulium – Sixty Nine

FOG project – Zoltar Speaks

Rendezvous – Another Round Please

The Levin Brothers – Levin Brothers

Donna Fullman – Inner World

IRIS – Something To Live For

The Great Escape – The Great Escape

Milow The Girl – 32,000 Feet Above

Frogbelly & Symphony – Blue Bright Ow Sleep

Goin’ Places – Relationships Sneakers

Kowal Kowalczyk – Nova

Electrik Emily – Stiletto Rock

Little Shells – 5 Deep Under

Beaj Johnson – Life’s, Loves & Losses

R.M Hendrix – Urban Turks, Country Jerks

Nenad Bach Band – All I Want Is Freedom

Laura Comfort – Don’t Ignore Me

Rene Benton – Xpressions Too!!! [Shört Storeez]

Sir. O – Forever + a Day

Glasgow Coma Scale – Enter Oblivion

Arcade Messiah – III

Scarlett Taylor – Churches

Roslyn Moore – Hazy

Lewis Clark & The Essentials – Vinyl Love

Barbara Manning – Chico Daze

Summer Effect – Afterlife

Sylvia G – S.O.S

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