Sylvia G – S.O.S – Album Review

Sylvia G is venturing-off on her own with this debut release – S.O.S album under her new [artist] name.

The music is radio friendly mostly pop-rock, with tinges of post-industrial, post-punk and electro-dance – with highs, lows and rolling parts that grip the listener to create the different moods and tempos in each song.

The lyrics are a summary of Sylvia’s life from the opening track – Walking To Santiago, which must have been a challenge in itself.

Being an environmentalist is the basis of S.O.S, which refers the Earth as Mother and the economic system and financial institutions as evil or The Devil – polluting the world for money and greed.

The trick in songs is to write about love, intimacy or relationships in different ways and Let’s Be Lovers is an honest look at just having one night of passion, rather than entering a committed relationship, which doesn’t work for at least one party.

Though in complete contrast I Heard You Say has the lines, “Every word you say” “Every promise you made”“Celebrates your mess” – while in the chorus the opening lines. “I heard you say, I was your love”“The only one forever love.”

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Women seeking Bad Boys is the basis of Electrified, with the theme being rather cleverly written as the Bad Boy bringing trouble-back within the home.

Being independent and self-sufficient best describes I Walk Alone; though the next song Not This Girl is ambigous and will be interpreted by the life-experiences and viewpoints of the listener.

Crazy Life and Monday’s are electro-dance tracks – with the first track themed in secrets and hiding things, while living life to the max – and the latter wanting the week to revolve around Friday’s and the Weekend just for partying!

The last song Beautiful World is another focus on the environmental agenda, that follows on from the earlier song S.O.S.

What this album does after listening to all of the songs is it points-out that life and viewpoints can be a massive contradiction, often causing much psychological distress when people want to live a certain way; but then if you put ambition and drive into your life, you have to allow certain things not to be perfect or drop them entirely.

S.O.S is available @ Apple Music & Amazon

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