Frogbelly & Symphony – Blue Bright Ow Sleep – Album Review

Frogbelly & SymphonyFrogbelly & Symphony has released their debut album, Blue Bright Ow Sleep.

Just looking at the albums artwork you get a surreal image of the band, and some of the song titles are cleverly worded, while the music is both intriguing and fascinating.

This song relates to a character in the book and later term Catch 22, (Milo) Minderbinder. There are many different tempos, styles and colours to this opening song of espionage and conspiracy.

A pleasant request that one day you’ll have difficulty in not accepting in this more rocky track, Invite to Eternity.

Getting evermore into psychedelic territory in Ride Off into the Sunset and Disappear, that even has some Middle Eastern musical scales being played amongst some ethereal wailing, while some spacey sounds swirl around.

When you hear what people want to do before the end of life, you get all of these crazy death defying bucket lists, however in Before I Die, you get a very down to earth request of having at least one child, and a wife, and the acceptance of failing and never achieving one’s dream. This song will relate the most to people, than those about unrealistic wants and desired bucket lists!

This song Patch of Blue, is the build-up in the album of fusing the rhythmic guitar driven rock, and some of the folk, punky, and experimental leanings of Frogbelly & Symphony.

The music begins in the background and quite distant, which gives the impression of a far fetched place in this funny lyrical song, Cola in Mongolia.

The build-up to Leyla’s Find is very tantalising to the senses, and you can’t wait for that eclipse of sound, to spark to that climax, which does come very loudly!

Getting folky with the violin and the bass guitar pushing this seafaring track Shingle, all aboard and forward as the song is sung in a very sailor of the seas style.

Beginning with poetry starts Organism, where the music waves like the pleasurably senses this song deals with.

Hazyland is a blast of power rock, punk and what is their trademark sound from Frogbelly & Symphony. This song that doesn’t have wastelands, but plenty of sun and smoke!

Blue Bright Ow Sleep is available @ iTunes


The Birdman Rallies – Real River – Album Review

TThe Birdman Rallieshe Birdman Rallies have released their fifth album, Real River.

This album is a creative festival of different styles, starting with Dissolve Into The Black, a vibrating electronic kick drum thumping, with layers of other electronic gadgetry to impose the lyrical content neatly.

A Little of Your Glitter swings into indie guitar mode in great portions, while the song deals with wanting that sparkle we have surrounding us.

Getting nice and mellow in Vampire, just don’t venture out in the sunlight otherwise you’ll melt. Though it deals with more of the leeches that inhabit our world.

Falling into the mood of the first track, though more harder in the political themed Great Storm Of Now.

A clever worded love song in the track Taj Mahal, which features an array of music styles that start with a jazz progression structure, and gets into a sort of pop reggae boogie.

It’s fascinating that your school sweetheart never seems to leave you throughout life, which is passionately sung in Julia.

The next track turns in a one-eighty-degree look at the woman who puts her makeup on, especially the red lipstick in a warrior mode of hunting and fighting, with her male counterpart in the lushful sounding Heartless.

Having the same irritation in life as driving on the Ring Road is uniquely put, and the following song On A Corner Overtaking paints a picture of driving through the valley roads, in the sweaty summer months.

This tribal sounding track Patrick, deals with not only a good deed by a dear friend but has a romantic angle which isn’t reciprocated.

The cello plays a crucial part in the introduction to Kitty In Detroit, of not only shacking-up with a girl, but in the once great motorcity capital in the world, however it is now a decaying and crumbling American state, Detroit.

Coming to a close is the dub heavy beat of Wild Sisters, which is counterbalanced with strings and keyboards sounds. The song looks at sisters and how they are similar in some ways, and in other ways they are opposite.

Real River is available @ iTunes and @ Amazon

The Slang – Slang – EP Review

The SlangThe Slang have released their debut self-titled EP, of power rock or an epic sound, with interestingly cool songs.

There is a certain ’60’s picking guitar style that introduces you to Far From Over, though it soon enters that anthem energy.

Whether you enjoy your job or not, it all Feels Like Work, yes listen and you’ll understand what work is really about.

If you didn’t know, you’ll be enlightened in the effortless One Step At A Time.

Rule The World is quite an ambiguous song that will mean different things, which is pretty cool as it lets you see things the way you see them.

Those thoughts and feelings that need to be figured out in Find A Way, which has a great synth sounding lead guitar that puts the icing on the cake, on the finishing song.

The Slang EP is available @ iTunes

Matt Backer – Get Back – Album Review

Matt BackerMatt Backer has released Get Backer, which is a great collection of southern blues, boogie woogie and rock ‘n’ roll.

As Matt Backer is from New Orleans, the American State of Louisiana, that is oozing with coolness and cultural history from that part of America, which is what it is famed with, does shape his music.

A good quality Matt Backer has and is demonstrated in the first two tracks – Histrionic Narcissist Blues (Let’s Talk About Me) and Take Me Back To Abu Dhabi, is a sense of humour.

This hip blues song Leaving Trunk (featuring Peter Cox), is sung with conviction and passion about venturing out into the big wide world, and one of the most important thing is singing and playing the blues!

This rolling track emulates what a Rock & Roll Headache (featuring Marcella Detroit) sounds like, however by the time this song finishes your headache will have gone.

Starting Gun is a great song for those that have had to succeed and find their own path in life, that ain’t easy and you get a sense that you’re not the only one that has travelled this path of disappointment and doubt.

Kind of think this song Too Big Too Fail, is obliviously a swipe of the indiscretions of financial manipulation? Though interestingly as the small guy loses his job, house, and everything else, however if you are too big too fail like a bank, you’ll most certainly get a nice pay cheque from the government! Let’s just keep this to ourselves?!

This place must be pretty sinful in the House Of Flying Daggers, that has a modern sounding electronic drum beat, and nice echoey harmonica plus an array of guitars, bass and even a mouth Jaw Harp thrown into this song’s loose southern blues, melting creative cauldron.

Talking isn’t required or too great effect, but making love is the central plot in this driving upbeat song, Don’t Talk.

For two and a half minutes you are pushed through Salt In My Wounds, and made to feel the angst and heartbreak in this more white soul rockin’ sounding track.

The percussions comprise of claps and spoons, with slide guitar in this colourful jet-lagged themed tune Hip Fatigue.

Finishing off with a blues and boogie woogie number I Don’t Worry About A Thing (featuring Bill Blue & Adam Gussow), is something we either learn or come across with age.

Get Backer is available @ iTunes or on CD @ Amazon

Milow The Girl – 32,000 Feet Above – Album Review

Milow The Girl 32,000 AlbumMilow The Girl has released 32,000 Feet Above album.

The main core of the album’s message is to persevere with things in one’s life, no matter what gets in your way.

Beautiful World is the first track that will get you rockin’-out, but the song looks at the turmoil in our most unfortunate world, but it shouldn’t be because we have many areas of paradise here on Earth.

We get into a lo-fi vibe with Contradiction, that begs for you to look at yourself, however seeking affection but seeing no reflection, kind of tells us that we can easily blend into the background to be unseen and irrelevant.

The songs that are pop-delicious are Funny Feeling, and singing about love but as a big Distraction, crazy Nights in Vegas, and seeking dreams in the electronic dance track Purple.

These crop of songs seem more poignant and trying to gain some navigation in one’s life is perfectly illustrated in Lost, and Sad & Wild. Though with Holiday is all about getting away from the confines of everyday stressful living. More strong themed songs keep continuing in Secrets, a soft ballad of strings, and piano.

Another rock tune Blinded, though the guitars are more heavy metal in this song about the environmental destruction we are inflicting on our planet.

This album doesn’t wind-down towards the end with a loose pop-rock song Generation, which concerns the aspects of more loving than living in hell in a relationship.

Ending-off 32,000 Feet Above is the synth-heavy metal ballad What If (Losing My Mind), which delves into the tortuous and cruel relationships that exists between lovers and partners.

There are two Remix versions, the first is Sad & Wild (Ecode), and the second being the UK Club Hit – Distraction (Allan & Loverush).

The album is available @ iTunes & on CD @ Amazon