Hellion Rising – Eight Of Swords – EP Release

HR ArtworkHellion Rising have released their debut EP Eight Of Swords.

The intro With Bricks of Bone and Blood as Mortar is a short atmospheric piece of music that silently creeps up towards your ears.

Wretch Nail Tongue and Bereavement of the Chimes have both great riffs being floated on the waves, and the latter song has driving bass and double kick drumming with some wild drum rolls.

The Beast, and lets show our horns Goat Charmer, are similar in the sound and will have you begging for more, as they are addictive tunes.

The last track Just For Tonight is more of a hard rock ballad, with some nice lead guitar work.

The strength of their songs, which deal with disillusionment within life, is the usage of grizzly crunchy distorted guitars sawing away, while the rhythm section keeps a steady but interesting beat. The lead guitar is using effects to create different sounds and short riffs that fits in well with the songs. The vocals are at times cutting through to give you the direction of meanings to the lyrics, and can be deemed now as classic metal thrash style of vocal delivery – with the only difference you understand the words!

Eight Of Swords is available @ Big Cartel

Band in Texas – The Abcd – EP Release

Band In Texas Abcd EPBand in Texas are an all female combo from Australia – featuring Kelly (Vocals), Sophie (Guitar/Vocals), Jackie (Bass) and Lauren (Drums.)

Their debut EP The Abcd starts off with the fact we get older and thus youthful things like dancing feels like a Disco Blood Bath, that is a cross between electronic disco sounds and their brand of alternative indie rock, which has been put together brilliantly.

White Mouse is a cute sounding song, which displays a softer side to Band in Texas. The rolling-off the tongue singing style interweaves with the music, and gives you the songs theme of things swirling around in your mind, and giving you headaches. Yes, you’d be glad you’re not the only one.

Letting rip in Streetscape shows us that these girls have rock-power! The lyrics shows us that Band in Texas have more balls than us men-folk, because one-line that sums it up, ‘Hard life, but I still want it!’ Now next time you complain about things just listen to this track for some inspirational direction.

There are many different styles of the rock genre going on in why you sometimes need to be Justified. From the beginning you think you’re going to hear an electric-acoustic track, but then gets into alternative rock and even gets quite punky. This shows us a band that wants to get as much variation into their songs as possible.

Getting into a two-tone groove in Fishless, that certainly rocks the boat if you happen to be on water. But if your feet are firmly on dry land then you’ll want to jump-up and down like you’re in the moshpit.

Punk Song is the modern anthem for all things that we’re going to do our own thing. Maybe a nod to the inventive home of punk music, England! But for sure this track doesn’t hold-back with the lyrics being shoved-down your ears, whether you like it or not!

Again you get surprised on this EP when the following song sounds so much different than the previous track, and in Polka Dot Dress you hear the raucous driven vocals being delivered by Kelly.

The bassline at the introduction to Some People sets the groove nicely, to set-up this swinging track. Now if you get people saying they don’t really know you, then Some People will delight your thoughts.

If you think rock music is boring, then Band in Texas rejuvenates this genre, and all of its sub-genres thrown in to do two things; Firstly to give you the messages in their songs, and secondly to entertain you! Well they’ve done that here with 100% rockin’ marks!

The Abcd EP available @ iTunes.