The Scoop Live Review

The Scoop

It was a glorious summer’s day, on the 24th July 2014, at More London’s newest live outdoor amphitheatre The Scoop. The venue is along the walkway of London’s River Thames, and right next door to the London’s Mayors office, City Hall. Even as the sunset befell across London, and we entered darkness the lovely heat could still be felt rising-up from the stones circling the amphitheatre, while the cool breeze made it an unforgettable live music experience.

Less Than Sober 

Less Than Sober Edited Clown Magazine

Less Than Sober are a very talented group of young men from Glasgow, Scotland. Being the first group to perform can be daunting, but the audience were very enthusiastic towards their songs and music. They performed their songs Back On Track, Don’t Wake Me Up, Reason, Unconditional*, and Wanted, with energetic and tantalising melody. Each song was sung excellently and consistently by vocalist Kris McDowall.

* Unconditional will be released as a single on the 17th August 2014, and is available @ iTunes.


Koukie Edited Clown Magazine

Koukie is just as theatrical as her striking look with purple long eyelashes, and her doll-like appearance, as well as her stage clothes too! She belted-out her first song Stop You With Love that made your ears prick-up and take notice. Bring It On was calmer, Koukie’s Song had the same energy vibe than her first song,  and Eclipse was a groovy affair, which showed a different dimension to her usual cabaret folk music that was evident in I Forgive You, and A Man In The Suit.

Koukie’s debut album Songs From An Empty Stage, is available @ iTunes.

Matt Backer

Matt Backer Edited Clown Magazine

Matt Backer displays fine and exquisite guitar skills, often changing from blues and jazz chord progressions, to finger pickin’ and lickin’ with rhythmic soul through each one of his songs; starting with the funky blues Leaving Truck, Too Big To Fail – wonder if they heard that in the City of London or Wall Street?, and the humorous Take Me Back To Abu Dhabi,  Cold War, and all spooky happenings in Jump.

Matt Backer albums are available @ iTunes.

Maddy Carty Maggie Edited Clown Magazine

Maddy Carty has a great modern and young outlook, and sings her songs to reflect these visions, and her take on how she sees the world. Often the young are ridiculed, but listening to the content of some of the lyrics to songs such as Bet You Wish You Didn’t, Perfect Recipe, Then There’s You, Come And Get It, and Good For You; the music has attitude and flair through the urban, ska and reggae influences. Her stage presence is commanding, and this encouraged the audience to get up and dance. She is very intelligent and mature beyond her youthful years.

Maddy Carty songs are available @ iTunes.

Laura Comfort ft. Fossey Tango  

Laura Comfort

Laura Comfort was backed by Fossey Tango, and what a superb set she did from one of her own pop-rock numbers Come Take A Ride. Then a riotous Blondie cover version One Way Or Another, being blown over the crowd sitting inside and around the amphitheatre, while noticing tapping feet and clapping hands in enjoyment to this punkified energy.

Laura Comfort album Don’t Ignore Me is available @ iTunes.

Fossey Tango ft. Laura Comfort Edited Clown Magazine






Fossey Tango

Fouzie Edited Clown Magazine

Fossey Tango were the final act of the evening. Their reggae fuelled sweetness, with smooth caressing bass and double snare hits, set the warmth of the evening to the rhythm of their songs, that opened with Senorita, and two exceptionally and perfectly performed fusions of their original material first with Roots Up that went into Bob Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up, and Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine that morphed seamlessly into a James Brown cover, then ascended to a full blown musical jam even slammin’ it with Prince lyrics, and ticking all of the boxes of terrific musicianship from each band member!

Fossey Tango debut album Love Child (buy it to support The Love A Child Foundation charity) is available @ Bandcamp.

Big High-Fives to Harriet from Right Recordings who managed to get this live showcase not only to Londoners, but to show the tourists that visit our great and fabulous world renowned city, that this is what the British are very and truly good at, music and live events!

The only sin people would have committed was by not being there! Shame on you, at least we were there to report to our global faithful readership. Well there is next time, Folks ‘n’ Rockers!

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