Fog project – Zoltar Speaks

Zoltar SpeaksFog project releases electronic music that isn’t supposed to be your mothers favourite.

Their album Zoltar Speaks has an array of electro-pop and rock angles, and unforgettably tracks like Fucking Mad, and Born Leader.

It is reassuring that the first song is called Welcome To Earth, which like any alien may be shocked at the way we live. However this album should have the tag, play before you get to Earth! It will iron-out all surprises, but the shock factor will still exist!   

Thulium – Sixty Nine Album Release

Thulium Sixty NineThulium have released their debut album, Sixty Nine.

The album has a mixture of forceful hard rock songs, and lots of melodies to keep you hooked throughout the eleven tracks on, Sixty Nine.

It is a rarity in albums of liking every track, but Thulium have achieved this with, Sixty Nine.

From the moment you listen to the first song Tomorrow Comes Today, it just gets better until the end track Shape of Things To Come.The only downside to Sixty Nine is that you want more of this power rock music with solid rhythms; and bass parts; with crushing distorted guitars and lead solos that tie in with the music perfectly; clear vocals to understand each word,  thus having a greater meaning of the message that each song wants to convey to you.

Thulium have spent time, and a lot of effort in getting Sixty Nine together, which will most definitely pay-off! Rock On!

James Williamson releases singles Open Up & Bleed, & Gimme Some Skin

James Williamson
James Williamson was the guitarist of the influential garage-rock band Iggy Pop & The Stooges. During the recording of Raw Power they were going to release another album afterwards, but their record company CBS dropped them. Subsequently the band split-up and it never got released, until now.

James Williamson has beautifully recreated with fellow musician, singer Carolyn Wonderland to record this forgotten masterpiece called Re-Licked, which will be released in the latter part of 2014.

Open Up & Bleed SingleHowever James Williamson has released the single tracks, Open Up & Bleed, and Gimme Some Skin, which have had a complete makeover to the high quality standards of today’s recordings; and topped by Carolyn Wonderland’s powerful and clear singing style.

To support Record Store Day in April 2014, both the singles will be available through independent record stores worldwide.