Shame Film Review

Shame-2011The story in Shame centres around Irish born New York resident Brandon Sullivan (Michael Fassbender) who has  a particular addiction in his private life. The atmosphere is edgy and the blue and crystal clear colours  used in telling this drama about people who are addicted to sex is perfect in the settings and scenes  throughout the film. Co-written and directed by Steve McQueen (Hunger) has a style of space and at  times in the film deafening silence that takes you further into the film by it’s visual storytelling. Brandon is a sex addict. Many people especially men may think this addiction to sex is something they want to have but as the film develops you see the negative side to this addiction. Interestingly their is a growing amount of women as well who are addicted to sex. But as this film explores this fascinating insight to sexual addiction you see the self-destruction and impact on the well-being of a person to operate within their life. As Brandon does the most mundane of life’s routines like taking the train to work he cannot relax without ending-up picking-up women who then he has a sexual encounter with them just for the purpose of sexual gratification. During the film Brandon has no problem with paying for sex, or doing internet sex with webcam to a sexual performer to satisfy his sexual urges. Brandon gets an unwelcome visitor that turns out to be his sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) who strangely and loosely has a thirst for sexual encounters as well. As the film moves on you get the possibility of an incestural relationship instigated by Brandon’s sister Sissy, but Brandon dismisses these slight advances to give some edge to the story. If this did happen in the film you could come to the conclusion that it would be overkill to the story, a kind of free for all with anyone even within someones family. So just suggesting that it could be a possibility is the right decision for telling the story of people with high sexual urges that becomes an unhealthy addiction. Superb film that will expand your mind, but you will undoubtedly leave you feeling sorry for people such as Brandon who cannot live life without having unlimited amount of sex with different partners throughout the day, week, month, year and years.

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