Company Profile – Engineer Records

“We’ll get good music out there even if it kills us!”

If you haven’t heard of Engineer Records then please allow us to give you a rounded profile of a record label that was formed in 1999, and has grown both here in the United Kingdom, European continent, and across the pond in the Big Apple, America.                      

Key facts about Engineer Records:

  • Formed in 1999 in England, and are based in the South East.
  • The label releases emo, punk, and hardcore music.
  • The label is run by music fans of the music they release.
  • Recently an American branch has opened in New Jersey

Engineer Records releases is currently over four hundred mainly cd’s formats but release music on vinyl, and also digital downloads. The current crop on there roster is Kyoto Drive, The Startover, Road to Kansas, Call Off The Search, The World Concave, and Nikson, plus many, many more acts and bands.

Engineer Records have not only continued expansion on there own terms in different continents, but have secured a major development by there bands being played on music channel Lava TV, on satellite provider Sky.

So with bands having there videos played on satellite television, and also the exploits of the internet, it is helping Engineer Records remain independent, and giving people more than just what the popular music scene has to offer.

Going through there acts and bands you see musicians who have been in bands that have been bouncing around music scenes throughout Britain, Europe, and America.

Well if this record company sounds good, and the bands they have, check them out!

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