Mass Effect – Games Review

Susan Hopfield

Mass Effect

You are Commander Shepherd from USS Normandy, and your mission is to protect civilised life in the galaxy against an ancient machine that destroys life into extinction every 50,000 years, but leaves behind scattered ruins of technology, destroying all evidence of their own existence.

Mass Effect Legendary Editions are available through the following links:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox (EU-UK)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox (US)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox (Steam)

Far Cry 2 – Games Review

Susan Hopfield

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 is set in Africa and your mission is to take out ‘The Jackal’.

You are in the heart of Africa. You are sent to take out a mysterious character known only as ‘The Jackal’, who has ignited conflict once again amongst the warlords.

You have an array of weapons to take on your enemy and vehicles to move around the vast African landscape.

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Revolutionary Road – Film Review

Susan Hopfield

Revolutionary Road is a very interesting story, written by acclaimed author Richard Yates, of frustration in the repetitive cycle of life that we all live in.

The film is directed by Sam Mendes the husband of Kate Winslet who plays April Wheeler, and her on screen husband Frank played by Leonard Dicaprio.

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The story settings are in the 1950s, a period in American society of prosperity because after the Second World War America didn’t need to rebuild their cities from warfare damage, unlike those countries in Europe and America’s closest ally Great Britain.

So, when April chooses to take a big risk of leaving the comforts of Connecticut and uproot to Paris to ‘live a little’ but can they find happiness or will they destroy their marriage.

Revolutionary Road is Available @HMV

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – Film Review

Dylan Thompson

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a powerful story of innocence during the Second World War, which focuses on the story of two eight-year-old boys who meet in the unfortunate setting s around a Nazi concentration camp.

One of the eight-year-old boys is the son of the camp’s Commandant, and the other eight-year-old boy is a Jewish boy who is a prisoner inside the concentration camp.

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The camp’s son sees people in striped pyjamas and wonders why they wear such clothing and in one scene wonders why one prisoner was a doctor and now peels potatoes in his house.

The camp’s son was doing what young boys do and went exploring and found the concentration camp and found the Jewish boy hiding behind some rubble and that is where their friendship begins.

But as time goes on their friendship and their innocence led to some dire consequences and shakes the whole ideology of Nazism and the persecution and murder of others such as Jews, Catholics, Gays, Political Prisoners, and others who were deemed unworthy or inferior to Nazism.

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is available @HMV

Havana Rocks – Star – EP

Frank Moulinex

Havana Rocks don’t do Cuban but if you require straight hard driving no nonsense rock music then these guys will fulfil your wishes and desires, and excuse me, with no disappointments.

This 4 track EP release begins life with Star, ‘Wanna be one of those Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’s’ and with their sound you can see and hear them filling the stadiums of rock around the world.

Having a dig at the masses in, All You People, hey, why don’t all you good people jump over to this side of the tracks.

Need revving and burning rubber, women, and living fast, ending up switching the switch of life now that’s unfortunate and then last of all Same Old but on a different day, especially when it comes to ladies!



TJR – Another Roll of the Dice – Album Review

Dylan Thompson

TJR offerings is called Another Roll of the Dice, and its stylish and well-polished, nice on the ears rock ‘n’ roll, in other words very professional offerings, and has no leftovers!

Well let’s start with a dig at MTV giants with Peace Love and Don’t Trust MTV give you the gripe with MTV’s dominance in broadcasting music videos.

In all the songs there is humour with nibbling’s of upbeat and updated blues in One Summer Morning.

Hey Ya, is a schmoozing cover version of the hip-hop original and it’s warm, harmonious, and great lead guitar work cuts the groove. Baby Please, Blue, and Home to Me is all about women and either losing or wanting a return to the man of dreams?

Jesus Loves You is well crafted and it’s a different take on religious speak. Getting down to a dirty rock sound with Lil’ Miss Thang.

Getting to the end is the operatic spacious rock road-trip shall we ‘return home’ and then Bare empties the cupboard with a congo percussive backbone and deep bass and interesting sounds from the guitars gets you movin’ and then a drivin’ drumbeat gets the heart pumpin’.

Then the funkiness of the last song No One Makes the Sunshine, but I’m sure they do in Santa Fe! Because TJR make it on my ears and yours as well if you listen!



Bendigo – Follow to the End – Album Review

Susan Hopfield

Bendigo, Follow to the End starts with a nice and simple song, Run Aground with hand-crafted acoustic picking style guitar with splashing of strings and cello, then mid-way through the guitar sets a strumming tempo; with lushful strings waving through the latter part of Run Aground, giving you the impression of waving up and down on the high seas before being run aground.

The rest of the album vocals are smoothly and well delivered, accompanied by the picking of the acoustic guitar with stand-out effects.

Call On My Love is nice with the doubling of the vocals giving a full aired sound followed by the Spanish influenced song, Cabron, with a rowdy and vibrant crowd in the background adding interest in the sound, not surprising as its hedonistic theme.

Another song capturing a theme of ‘doctors in white suits‘ is accompanied with tremolo effected guitars and some kind of vocal swirling sampling in the background adding to the effect of the strait jackets coming out of the cupboard, I hope not.

Towards the end of the album, If You Say I’m Not What You Expected sings about confessions and putting things right, with misgivings, with no offence and putting the world to rights is kind to your ears.

If you want more then the last song, Final Curtain is a 13:32 minute whooper and you’ll enjoy, as this album is an acoustic wonder. 


Flipron – Gravity Calls – Album Review

Dylan Thompson

Flipron our favourite indie band at the moment have released in quick succession there third instalment nicely titled Gravity Calling.

This band have been busy during the summer homing their talent for perfecting their musician skills to top it for this year with this release of humour, amusement, while still maintaining a high-quality ethic to their music.

In this third album you’ll soon be clicking your fingers to such tunes as Dreams of Wealth and Power, A Scoundrel’s Apology Almost, Zombie Blues, enjoy!



Potential Threat SF – Civilization Under Threat – Album Review

One could be forgiven to assume that when a band called Potential Threat SF, and write good solid songs like Day of Infamy, Enemy Within are a breed of bands that see the world as it is or could be.

Coming into recent times Potential Threat SF release Civilization Under Threat continues with their brand of well-crafted heavy metal songs of the same nature such as The Threat of Things to Come, Behold the End and Rise of the Apocalypse, gives you an idea of what’s on this album.

This power metal trio, which expanded a few years ago to a four piece and are now legendary veterans, are very good, and I like many of us in our office wonder why such talent doesn’t get recognised more.

So, if your taste leans to the heavy side then you’ll like what these guys do, and do it well.



Eisenhower Field Day – Tryants and Spies – Album Review

Eisenhower Field Day’s new album Tyrants and Spies is a nice blend of indie rock-pop, but brighter than being in the underground, so hopefully Eisenhower Field Day may finally come next year, let’s hope so as their music is captivating, clever and very entertaining indeed! Despite only being three of them to take on the world!